Cookies are small pieces of information sent by our website to yours while you are browsing using your computer, tablet or smartphone.


We use cookies when you visit our website to:


· Safeguard the security of our site, and any information you enter

· Help us understand which content on our website you find most useful, so that we can continuously improve how we communicate with you

· Make our site as easy and to use as possible

· Help us plan our marketing activity effectively, from a greater understanding of what users like you are interested in. To learn more about cookies visit

Different types of cookies

Below is an overview of the different types of cookies our website features.


1. First party cookies: These are cookies we create and place on your computer, which are essential to the running of the website

2. Third party cookies: These are managed by a third party, like Google, but are placed on your computer by us and help to monitor activity or to record how visitors get to our site.


These can either be:


Session cookies: Which are deleted every time you leave our website or close your browser


Persistent cookies: Which stay on your computer until a specific expiry date, or until you decide to remove them.

Blocking cookies

You can stop cookies from being placed on your computer. However, if you do this for our website you won’t be able to access some of our online services, such as managing your accounts online.

If you do decide to block cookies from our site, you can do so by changing the cookie settings in your web browser. Your browser’s help section will provide you with more details of how to do this.

The first party cookies we use

The First party cookies we use don’t gather information about you for marketing purposes or to discover where else you have visited on the internet.

These cookies are essential, because they ensure your security and privacy when you use our site, and enabling you to move around our site easily. Without these cookies, we can’t provide you with services like access to secure areas, which we know you value.


· ASP.NET_SessionID

· verWarn

· PortalID

· __RequestVerificationToken_

· PortalTicket

Other First party cookies

If you tick the ‘Remember my Login ID’ box on our account login page, we will use a cookie to enable this feature. You can disable this by unticking the box on the login page.

· Identity (expires after 12 months)

Third party cookies featured on our site

The third-party cookies we use don’t collect your name or address. They are provided by Google Analytics and you can discover more information about how it applies cookies here: (Google Analytics Cookie Policy)

We use Google Analytics’ cookies to understand our number of website visits, and how users like you find and use our site. The specific cookies being utilised are:

· _ga (expires after 2 years)

· _gid (expires after 24 hours)

· _gat (expires after 2 years).

Cookies relating to our Broker Online and savings portals, provided by Mutual Vision (ASP.NET)


A cookie is a text or data file that is stored on the computer or mobile device on which the browser is running.

Persistent cookie

A persistent cookie is stored on a user’s hard drive, and is not deleted when the browser is closed. It has an expiration date, and it is deleted on this date. Alternatively, a persistent cookie can be deleted manually. They are often used to keep track of users’ browsing behaviour.

Persistent cookies used on our sites

Our sites currently do not use any persistent cookies. This may change if and when we add Payment Gateway Integration, or if we change our implementation of Google Analytics.

Other use of user sensitive data on our sites

Our sites use Google Analytics to gather information about past usage of our sites in order to improve users’ online experience going forward.

Our sites do not use cookies to do this, but they do send browser-related data, including the user’s IP address, to Google. Other than the user’s IP address, no sensitive data is transferred.

Session cookie

A session cookie is stored only until the user closes their browser. It does not collect or transmit any information from the user’s computer. They are typically used to log the user in and to verify that the user is authorised to access the online resource they are requesting.

Session cookies used on our sites

Authentication cookies – these are used to enable a user to log in to the site Name: ProVisionSalesAuth Used in: Debrand Broker Online

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Credit Reference Agency Information Notice

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